June 13th Treasure


Suit of +2 Light Fortification Elven Chain,
Frost Brand sword,
2 potions of inflict serious wounds,
scroll of teleport,
scroll of control water,
wand of cure critical wounds 12 charges,
Wand of Holy Smite 18 charges,
Ring of Arcane Mastery,
Greater Meta Magic Rod of Bouncing Spell,
Stone of Good luck,
3x +1 Longswords,
1x +3 Rapier,
4x +2 Heavy Steel Shields,
4x +1 Full Plate,
Robe of Infinite Twin,
15x +1 Shocking Burst Arrows,
Ring of Protection +4,
10x diamonds each worth 1,000gp,
random lesser gems worth 2,500gp,
A very disturbing painting showing Lamashtu in her throne room surrounded by creatures being tortured: worth 5,000gp to the right collector,
867pp, 12,686gp, 13,789sp

+2 Undead Bane Heavy Crossbow


June 13th Treasure

Carrion Crown Campaign BWSpier