January 4th Treasure List


Chymist Works
4 vials of Antitoxin
Small purple velvet purse with 4 diamonds, each worth 400gp
Vorkstag’s books, worth 500gp
Alchemists Lab
3 packets of flash powder
5 pots of Alchemical Grease
Wand of gentle repose with 28 charges
5 doses of bladeguard
10 doses of bloodblock
5 applications of silver weapon blanch
5 applications of cold iron weapon blanch
1 application of Admantium weapon blanch
500gp again
Silver drinking cup inlaid with obsidian worth 400gp
6 vials of necromantic alchemical elixier (creates Juju Zombies)
Ebony Tribal Mask worth 175gp
Silver torc worth 200gp
Lightning Rod in the form of a raven eating a wolf worth 100gp
Mammoth Tusk scrimshaw with the spells of Bulls strength, Ice Storm, and Phanton Steed carved onto it

From the ruins of Sanctuary
+1 War razor
12 silver crossbow bolts
Melted gold buckle worth 15gp
Iron bracelet with a moon eating an owl worth 75gp

100pp each from defending the Beast


January 4th Treasure List

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