December 7th Treasure List


In Hergstag:
5 Flasks of Holy Water
Turquoise worth 150gp
84gp, 22sp
MW Silver Dagger
Masterwork Thieves tools

So far that Chymical Works:
On Grine: +1 Handaxe, 2 MW Throwing Axes, 2 doses of Blacksmear poison
On Vorkstag: Potion of Cure Moderate wounds, Potion of Spider Climb, Wand of Acid Arrow with 21 charges, MW Heavy Mace, 2 doses of Blackadder venom, 2 doses of Blue Whinnis poison, 1 dose of Deathblade poison

Also 12 vials of Alchemist Fire, 12 vials of Liquid Ice, 10 smoke pellets, 10 smoke sticks


December 7th Treasure List

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