August 17th Treasure List


Sack with 10x Diamonds each worth 500gp
Ebony Fly Figurine of Wonderous power with the motif of Urgathoa
Scroll of Invisibility Purge
6x +2 Chain Shirt
6x +2 Heavy Wooden Shield
6x +1 Morning Star
Ring of Protection +2
Ring of Counter Spells (Dispel Magic)
Robe of Bones

4x Ceremonial Head Pieces each worth 2500gp
various gems worth 5,000gp
4x spent wands each worth 500gp
Random Whispering Tyrant Artifacts worth 4,000gp

Standard Strand of Prayer Beads (bead of blessing, karma, smiting)
3 garnets each worth 500gp
6x honey combs that act as Potions of Cure Serious Wounds

6x +2 Chain Shirt
6x +2 Heavy wooden shield
6x +1 Morning Star
Ring of Protection +2
Bone Beads,
Chest with 8x Haunt Siphons
Jeweled thurible worth 3,500gp.

4x +2 Chain Shirt,
4x +2 Heavy wooden shield
4x +1 Morning Star
Ring of Protection +2
80 onyx gems worth 4000gp
3x Phylactery worth 5,000gp each in materials alone
Orange Prism Ioun Stone

Mirror of Life Trapping

3x scrolls of gentle repose
Wand of inflict serious wounds charges: 38
+2 Thundering Defiant Scimitar


August 17th Treasure List

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