Something of a cad, he relies on his wits and his marital - wait, martial - prowess to survive.


Edmund Van Ardach
Male Human Fighter(Cad archetype) 6
Init +2

AC 20, touch 13, flat-footed 18
(armor +7, deflection +1, Dex +2)
hp 57
Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +2

Spd 30 ft.
1 cold iron bladed scarf + 12/7 (1d68)/x2 slashing, disarm, trip
sword cane + 11/6 (1d6+5)/x2 piercing
masterwork heavy mace + 12/7 (1d8+7) bludgeoning
1 battleaxe +12/7 (1d88)/x3 slashing [can probably be sold]
don’t forget precise strike teamwork feat (1d6 when flanking with Fingers)
longbow + 8/3 (1d8-1)/x3 silver piercing (20 arrows) or
(1d8)/x3 piercing (100 arrows)
Special Attacks
+15 trip (16 with scarf) greater trip – tripee suffers AoO’s from allies
+15 disarm (16 with scarf)
+15 dirty trick
+13 steal (but this provokes an AoO)
Payback (Cad feature) – +1 to hit/
1 to damage against any creature that attacked Edmund since the end of his last turn

Before Combat Puts on his best sh*t eating grin; attempts to defuse the situation. Uses his knowledge (the planes) if appropriate.
During Combat If the fight seems epic, attempts to use the wand of mirror image. Otherwise, wades right into melee, hoping to flank with Fingers (teamwork feat!). Edmund likes to use combat maneuvers to trip (especially greater trip!) and blind but he isn’t afraid to smack things, either. He wields everything but the sword cane two-handed. If he finds himself in a bar fight, he exploits the heck out of the catch off guard feat (no penalties for improvised weapons and enemies are considered flat-footed against his improvised weapons).

Str 20, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 12
Base Atk + 6/1; CMB + 11 (2 to steal/4 disarm/4 trip/4 dirty trick)CMD 23 (25 vs. steal/disarm/dirty trick/27 vs trip)
Traits Dangerously Curious (+ 1 use magic device), Teacher’s Pet (+ 2 knowledge-planes)
Feats Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bladed scarf), Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Dirty Trick, Catch Off Guard (enemies are flat-footed when using an improvised weapon), Precise Strike, Improved Disarm, Medium Armor Proficiency, Greater Trip
Skills Acrobatics + 8, Bluff + 6, Climb + 8, Escape Artist + 6, Knowledge (engineering) + 5, Knowledge (planes) + 11, Profession (book dealer) +4, Sleight of Hand + 7, Stealth + 6, Swim +9, Use Magic Device + 11
Languages Varisian, Common
Combat Gear holy water x 2, sunrod, alchemist’s fire x 2, haunt siphon charged with 1d6 negative energy, smelling salts x 3, potion of remove disease x 2, mithral chainmail +1, wand of mirror image (20 charges), belt of giant strength +2, weapons in stats, ring of protection + 1
Other Gear typical adventurer stuff: backpack, bedroll, silk rope, wine, books, pen and ink, snuff box, love letters from Ilsa, pickled hipporgriff.
Wealth 1,247 gp, 100 pp


Meet Edmund.

The family portrait dominates the east wall of the siting room, its vivid colors muted by years of soot. The artist, an early adopter of the florid Varisian style common in the south, depicts the family supping on a grand balcony, illuminated in the golden hue of a setting sun. Esquire van Ardagh is smiling, a wine glass held slightly askew, his red hair almost haloed by the light. Truly haloed is the figure on his right: the artist chose to represent Madame van Ardagh as a ghost or an angel, a blonde translucent beauty, her head bowed down in contemplation. Three red-haired teenagers – two girls, one boy – sit on either side of the parents. The boy holds a set of keys (symbol of Abadar), one girl wears a dragon scale necklace, and the other rests one hand delicately on a stack of books. The fourth teenager – a raven haired boy, almost facing away from the viewer – is seated on the opposite side of the table. A careful observer might hear the staff speculating about that one’s paternity…

A human of average height and weight, his dark eyes often twinkle with mirth – even when there’s nothing funny anywhere nearby. He wears well-tailored pants, shirts, and an assortment of colorful scarves, a signifier of his time in Varisia.

Born to a family of minor gentry, Edmund never wanted for food, education, or divertissements. Unfortunately, his eldest sibling Edgar excelled where Edmund struggled. Edgar – tall, red-haired, charming, pious – earned the praises of tutors, clergy, and father alike. As their mother died when he was quite young, Edmund’s older sisters (Odile and Rhegan) doted on him.

After a regional power struggle, the family found itself in the good graces of the capitol. His father was assigned to a diplomatic mission in Korvosa and the children followed. They were educated in the finest schools, though at those schools Edmund came to realize there were many different levels of wealth. While he was comfortable, he often wished the family had more… something.

Father eventually got called back to Ustalav, reestablished the family estate, and enjoys a relatively posh country life. Edgar became a servant of Abadar; he turned down plum assignments and chose to follow Father to Ardagh, where he heads the local church and has already started a family. Odile found Varisia provincial and moved to Absalom. Rhegan remained in Korvosa, currying favor with the Ustalav consulate and sharpening her political skills.

And Edmund? He traveled, tramping around Varisia with a group of like-minded and well-heeled school mates. They survived a number of minor scuffles with bandits, goblins, and creditors. After burning through his savings, Edmund found some success as a book trader in Magnimar – he had a good nose for value, often buying granny’s old, worthless fairy tale tome for pennies and selling it for a stack of gold in a different marketplace. His girlfriend, Ilsa, had started dropping hints about converting some of that gold into a proper ring when Edmund received an invitation to a funeral in a far off land…


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