Carrion Crown Campaign

August 3rd

The adventure begins with the group meeting each other for the first time at the enterance to the Restlands, the Ravengro Cemetery.

There we meet our intrepid Adventurers. Ion, the dirty and socially awkward Druid; Profersor Forsysthe, a rather large and educated man; Bizzle Fiz, an Elven mage: Malik, a very tiny dwarven archer; Fingers, a an Elvish roge; and Edmond, a dandy and a fighter.

The party carries the casket of their old friend, Profersor Lorrimor, to his final resting place along with sevral townsfolk, including the Profersor’s daugher Kendra. This trip was interupted however when a group of locals try to stop them from burying the Profersor as “they don’t want any necromancers buried there”.

These townsfolk quickly learned their lesson though as the party quite handily proved their superiority. With their defeat, Profersor Lorrimor was finally buried and though all of the party tried to eulogize their old friend only Profersor Forsythe truly touched the hearts of the townsfolk and Kendra.

You then returned to the Profersor’s old home to attend the reading of the will. There you learned that the Profersor wants you to stay for a month and help out Kendra then deliver several books to the Leiptstadt. In return you will each be paid the sum of 100 PP.

After reading the Profersors Journal the party quickly realized that there was more happening in Ravengro then just a simple death. You resolved to come to the bottom of this but first a trip out to Restlands to recover some items that were stashed there that could assist you.

Before making this trip you were interrupted by the ghost of a raven who quickly flew away while shouting “Murder”. During this you noticed that the local crazy man, Antrellius, was outside of Kendra’s home and despite Fingers best effors he managed to elude escape.

After promising to track him down to see what this was all about the party made their way to the Restlands where they came into contact with a group of skeletons that were quickly defeated. They then entered the tomb and fought off 2 Giant Centipedes along with 4 gruesome, floating heads so that they could take the treasures hidden in this tomb to help defeat this evil.

In the morning, they heard about the ghost of a child that was seen at the nearby fountain along with a giant bloody V that appeared at the monument to the guards who died at the Harrowstone prison fire.

While looking int these events the uncovered several secrets (See the Wiki entry) that made it appear that all of these events centered around the Harrowstone prison. They also fended off a Stirge attack at the local Inn, the stirges seemed to have been drawn by the Bard’s music.

Later that evening the group staked out the Murmuring fountain in hopes of catching this Ghost child, who in fact was just a local child that was mourning the death of her pet Raven. The child swore that her Raven was killed by Antrellius and asked the party to avenger her pet.

As they attempted to leave several large Blood Ravens seemed to appear out of the fountain and attacked the party, their bodies disappearing once they were all defeated.

The party eventually tracked down the Treehouse home of Antrellius where they fought their way through several traps and 2 Giant Centipedes to take down the man himself. However once he died his body convulsed and a disturbing creature born of the darkness between the stars but this creature was quicly defeated by the might of our party.

This creature disolved into nothing leaving behind just a spine-like piece of bone that for some reason several party members though would make a great weapon.

The party is now leaving the Tree home and who knows what is going to await them in Ravengro.



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