Carrion Crown Campaign

Adventure #2

We begin with the part making the trek back into Ravengro after defeating Antrellius the Mad along with the Embryonic Neb-Thalggu. After facing such a horror, Professor Forsyth, Malik and BizzleFizz had to take a break with a strong drink.

But Ion, Fingers and Edmund, being made of sterner stuff, continued on.

After perusing the notes left behind at the Antrellius’s shack they determined that murmuring fountain was suffering from a Haunt of Vengeance. Which stems from the raven Eronel being killed and left there.

The only way to stop this haunt was to bury the bird in consecrated ground and then throwing a handful of the grave’s dirt into the fountain. So they went to the Restlands with the child Lereia to bury the raven.

All 3 of our adventurers attempted to comfort the grieving child but having absolutely no social skills they managed to simply make it worse.

So they left the child to grieve and went to the fountain where upon throwing the dirt in the fountain they did remove the haunt but not before they were attacked by 4 Gargoyles conjured out of the shadows. After taking several grievous wounds they managed to defeat the creatures and set off to the Temple of Pharasma for some healing.

There Father Grimburrow quickly healed them and asked them to come to a town meeting the next night where they will discuss the horrors that have befallen the town. Between the bloody letters appearing at the monument to the fallen guards of Harrowstone, the attacks of the undead and the various haunts that keep appearing around the town, it is clear that something is happening and the town is considering hiring the party to do something about it.

After they agreed to go to the meeting the Father had one other request and that is to to travel a few hours south of town and escort an elderly Varissian alchemist, Emillian Hanzi, to the meeting. The father explained the alchemist is a scholar of great reknown and he hopes that he can help with the problems.

So after a good night sleep the party traveled to the home of Emillian but upon arrival noticed smoke coming out of the home and that the front door appeared to be bashed in. They also noticed a very familiar gold button in the hand of the deceased, a button that appears to have been torn off of the coat of the recently deceased, and now risen Professor Lorrimor.

They entered the home and noticed that a struggle and the dead body of the alchemist, who had appeared to be beaten to death. While examining the body they didn’t notice the various chemicals in the lab coming to life and were set upon by several Alchemical ooze swarms. Once these were defeated they then took everything of value in the home and set upon taking the body of Emillian back to Ravengro while following the tracks of the undead fiends that had caused such damage.

Unfortunately they did not find the Professor but several severed floating heads along with a swarm of skulls that they had to defeat.

The party dropped off the body of Emilian with the priests at the Temple of Pharasmae and then went to the town meeting.

The town meeting quickly dissolved into anarchy as the scared towns folk demanded answers and a solution. Right as the fervor reached it’s peak some dark force caused several of the oil lamps to burst lighting the building on fire. As our party put the fires out and directed the townsfolk out of the building they were attacked by 3 severed burning heads that they also defeated.

In the face of such terror the Town Council offered the party 500gp each if they can find out what is causing all of this and put it to rest.

With this new mission our party then set off to the ruined prison of Harrowstone as that is the most likely culprit of what is happening in town.

The party explored the area outside of the ruined prison first where they fought off a swarm of nasty rats and several skeletons that emerged from the lake that used to be the prisons graveyard.

Upon examining the building they noticed that all around the foundation a series of runes were chiseled into the foundation and then covered with blood. They made several copies of the runes in hopes to research this later.

The building itself is 3 levels, 2 floors above ground and then the dungeon below. The party decided to climb up to one of the balcony’s and work there way down. Fingers easily ascended the wall but before he could drop the rope to the rest of the party he was set upon by a giant, advanced Stirge. He quickly dropped the rope and then held off the creature while Edmund climbed up and Ion taught his wolf to hold onto the rope so they could pull him up.

Once the foul creature was defeated they then set upon exploring the top level of Harrowstone. They found the mess hall where they had to defeat several stirges, an evil plant, Xtaby, that wanted to devour them and uncovered the Kitchen and 2 cell blocks.

But unfortunately the western cell block almost proved to be Edmund’s undoing as they were attacked by 6 skeletons and the haunted spirit of who they believe was The Piper of Illmarsh. The piper quickly paralyzed Edmund who was attacked by skeletons and almost laid low but Ion and Fingers came to his rescue and beat back the undead creatures and laid low the restless spirit.

They then finished exploring the top level and found a spacious cell with the a skeletal body chained to the wall by chains weighted down with several different holy symbols. At this point they decided they better rest up and gather the rest of the party before going down to the first level and perhaps the dungeon.

Who knows what horrors await for them in the lower levels of Harrowstone…..

We will find out next Saturday!



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