Carrion Crown Campaign

Adventure Log #10

After leaving Edmund and Malik to wait for more supplies the party headed off to Schloss Caromac to meet The Beast’s Father.

Half way there they found a man in dark cloths waiting for them on the top of the hill surrounded by Fog. There he spoke to the party, informing them that they were becoming quite inconvenient to his master and so he purchased some bodies from the Chymist works in Leiptstadt and prepared a surprise for them. The party was also told that his master was in control of Schloss Caromac.

At that he waved his hand and the fog dissipated showing multiple Skeleton Archers, 4 Wights and a rather nasty creature with a long talons and ram horns, which was quickly identified as Greater Ceustodeamon.

The skeletons began to pepper the party with arrows while the wights and daemon went to attack the party and the cultist began to cast. Luckily the gods fathered them and they managed to shrug off most of the spells and energy drain (except Forsythe who got sapped of life energy by one of the Wights), and even a Slow spell casted by the Daemon.

Ion quickly summoned up some quicksand locking down the Skeletons and Cultist while the rest of the party made quick work of the Wights and Daemon, aided by the Spells of Bizzlefizz. They then went and finished off the Skeletons and despite multiple Spiked Pits created by the cultist, he was defeated.

The party then rested for the night and continued on to Schloss Caromac where they quickly realized that it was indeed taken over and in fact the Guardhouse for the entrance was guarded by 2 trollhounds.

While the party fought the 2 Trollhounds guarding the gate amidst the slain bodies of undead and their controllers, they began to get shot at by several Goblins and hearing even more, deep sounding grunts and laughs from inside.

Once the hounds were defeated Fingers climbed the wall and headed to the other side of the Guardhouse and Ion changed shape to a bird and joined him. During this Professor Forsythe lifted up the gate while Bizzlefizz attacked the goblins with his spells.

However, once the gate was opened and Fingers and Ion got to the other side of the Guardhouse the party quickly realized that there were indeed worse things then Goblins as they were attacked by several trolls, another trollhound and their leader, the Black Half-Dragon Troll, Grork.

Fingers quickly climbed up the wall again and headed to front to join Forsythe while Ion and Bizzlefizz began to cast their spells. But all were too late as the Grork acidic breath quickly brought Forsythe to the brink of death and then his claws finished the job.

As the party held off the remaining trolls, their fate indeed to seem quite dire when they were joined by the mighty Paladin Miguel and with their combined might they managed to defeat the creatures.

After healing up and Miguel telling his story about trying to find the Profersor, the party went and buried the scarred remains of their friend and then sat about continuing thier journey into the Castle to not let his death be in vain.

However as they went to unlock the door of the Manse they found that there were indeed worse things to come as a magical trap summoned a Huge Air elemental onto the bridge they were on.

They quickly fled into the gatehouse but not before the elemental turned into a Whirlwind and followed them in.

After attempting to capture several of the party into it’s whirling form, but only managing to get Ion, the elemental went and dropped Ion over the edge of bridge, sending him tumbling 150 feet down in the roaring waters below.

Once the Elemental was defeated the party thought they had lost their friend but Fingers managed to spot him, struggling in the water below, somehow still alive. After quickly going through their options Fingers said “Screw It” and using the rope of climbing to lessen the fall he went in to help their struggling friend.

He was able to grab Ion and swim him to the edge of the river before they both went over the waterfall, however they realized that they had no choice and both went over the waterfalls after using their healing wand to heal both of them up.

As the waterlogged Ion and Fingers rejoined their party an hour later, joined by Malik and Edmund, the party began to wonder if maybe they bit off more then they could handle.

Adventure Log #9

So we come back with the party, some dripping with acid, standing over the unconscious body of Vorkstag. He is quickly tied up and the rest of the compound, finding some rather nice loot along with a hidden cabinet filled with the flayed skins of quite a few people, including one that could easily be mistaken for the Beast!

After defeating some Alchemical Juju Zombies and finding Vorkstag’s body selling operation the party then woke up the Alchemists and after a few successful diplomacy checks (and intimidation) the party got him talking

The discovered all about his business selling bodies. On the crimes that the Beast was accused of, he admitted to stealing the bodies and killing the villagers of Morag, stealing the bodiees of the children in Hergstag after they were killed by the wraiths, and selling bodies to the Doctor at Sanctuary, as well as burning the hospital down, killing all there. They also found out that the Doctor was not even human but a Fey creature known as a Skin Stealer.

Armed with this knowledge the Party went to Court on the first day to defend the Beast. After presenting all of the facts about what happened in Morag, it was clear that the local populace was not too happy with how things were going. But they did impress a local Gnomish Cleric of Sarane who offered to jump in and help them with the rest of the trial.

This was shown by a group of Guards confronting them on the way to explore the island of Sanctuary, or perhaps they simply wanted loot as they first asked for 1/2 of what the party had. But after remembering that Edmond had a price on his head, know up to 1,000 gp, they quickly decided to take him by first along with all of the loot.

After a battle with a deadly Half-orc Ranger, Cleric (who was quickly slain), and a rather nasty Sorcerer, the party left the few survivors alive with a message, don’t mess with us.

Arriving at Sanctuary they discovered the scorced ruins of the one-time hospital. After finding a small tunnel the party sent Malik down to investigate and he was quickly paralyzed by the Ghasts waiting down below. As the creatures surrounded him, the party wasted no time jumping down into the pit and striking several of the monsters while they did this.

A battle quickly ensued with the Ghasts, their Dread master and his assistant, a rather nasty Crypt Thing. The battle was vicious and after a few rounds the Crypt Thing attempted to teleport the entire party but managed to only teleport the newly un-paralyzed Malik and the party’s Gnomish friend out of the old cellar and away from the fight.

While they ran back to join into the fray, the rest of the party struck down the remaining Ghasts and turned their attention to their master and the Crypt thing.

Malik quickly made his way back and joined the fight but the party was quickly getting whittled down by the undead monsters, with thier gnomish friend only arriving just in time to heal them up.

After finally defeating the creatures, they set about to explore the cellar and the creatures that they were fighting.

They discovered that the Dread Ghast was none other then the former Doctor of this hospital, Dr. Brada. They also discovered several vials of chemicals, further linking the good Doctor to the vile Vorkstag.

Armed with this knowledge, the party returned to Lieptstadt ready to defend the Beast and save him from h is fate.

Just before the second day of the trial began the party got the permission of the court to cast Speak with Dead on the bodies of the children to find out what happened, with the judges and prosecution present. The spirit of the children did advise that the Beast did not kill them and that it was an evil Wraith.

The party also questioned the Beast again and was able to see that the Beast was not laughing when he returned the body of the fallen child to Hergstag, he was crying.

The second day of the trail began and the party easily showed that there was no way that the Beast could have killed those Children and in fact was very upset over their deaths.

Upon the end of the Trial the party realized that it was very likely that the people of Leiptstadt were going to try and take this matter of the Beast into their own hands.

The party decided to stay and it was a good thing that they did as a large number of locals showed up around midnight to take the Beast and burn him. Through a series of threats, magic and a bit of fistacuffs the party was able to drive the townsfolk off without any deaths.

On the 3rd day of the trial, the party wasted no time presenting their evidence that the Beast was not responsible with the fire and deaths of Sanctuary but that it was Vorkstag. They even brought him up to the witness stand where he admitted to all of the evil deeds.

After the court was adjourned the Judges quickly came to the conclusion that the Beast was innocent. They proclaimed as much and even added that they will make Vorkstag pay for his evil crimes.

The Beast was quickly released and, fearing the angry locals, they quickly ushered him out of town but not before the Beast asked the group to visit him at his father’s house, Schloss Caromac (the home of Count Alpon Caromac) the former local ruler and known alchemist.

Adventure Log #8

We start with the party leaving the Rednecks in Morag and deciding to cross to the otherside of Lepitstadt and go to Hergstag to further their investigations.

In Lepitstadt they stopped briefly to purchase a few items and attempted to investigate Grines and Vorkstags Chymmical works only to be quickly turned aside. Vowing to return later at night they left to explore Hergstag while the sun was still high in the sky.

Upon arrival at Hergstag they began their investigation with the town’s church and the burial plots of the 6 children. While outside of the Church the quickly found out that the town was strewn with Beartraps, left apparently in case the Beast returned.

While inside the Church the party was set upon by a Wraith Spawn which they quickly defeated but still taking some damage to a few party member’s constitution.

They then began to dig up the graves of the 6 children the Beast is accused of slaying but they only found the bodies of 2 of the children, neither of which show in sign of physical trauma.

As the mystery furthered they began to search the rest of the town but they were attacked by another Wraith spawn with more arriving as they battled the previous ones. During this combat it was Edmond that realized that these wraith were the slain children!

In the end the wraith known as Brother Swam came to punish those who attack his children. He attempted to flee after suffering terrible damage from the hands of the Party but Malik quickly slayed him before he got too far.

Realizing that the wraith was fleeing to the hill that they Scarecrow was on they explored the area and discovered the cave that he was hiding in along with the 5 bodies, 1 was the body of a would be thief and the other 4 were the missing bodies of the children. All missing children had no signs of bodily harm. They were clearly slain by Brother Swarm.

At this point, the party decided that it was the perfect time to go and explore they Chymical works.

Fingers expertly picked the locked gate and they quickly defeated the Flesh Golem Hound and the 4 Mongrelmen that guarded the instance and then went into the Chymical Works themselves where they entered into quite the Fray in the Vat room.

Fingers was quickly poisoned by Grine but jumped up to the catwalk to fight him. While this was going on the Rex went up the ladder to the catwalk where he quickly tripped the hidden Vorkstag and kept him down despite the best efforts of the Mongrelmen that work for the nefarious duo.

Once Fingers defeated Grine a Mongrelmen ended up triping him into one of the vat’s of chemicals but it was the quick thinking and work of Ion, Edmond and Forsythe that helped him narrowly avoid his end.

While Rex began to flee to hide behind Forsythe and Malikd after he had taken quite a bit of damage, Vorkstag ended up falling off of the catwalk while Forsythe and Malik quickly disposed of the remaining Mongrelmen.

Vorkstag attempted to flee but the party didn’t allow him to so he gave up and plead for mercy.

And this is where we ended…….What will the party find out from Vorkstag and what other mysteries will they uncover in the Chymical works.

Adventure Log # Whatever

So we return to the Adventure after the party averting the complete destruction of Falcon’s Hollow (even though half of the town still perished) and the party heading to Leiptstadt (with the Crooked Kin in tow) to complete the last of the Profersor’s requests and dropping off his books.

The party was attacked in the middle of the night though by a band of Dark Folk who was set upon stealing everything of value. The Wolf-Boy was unfortunately quickly killed but the rest of the Crooked Kin hid in the trailers while the party fought off the bandits. Battling poison and darkness spells the party eventually vanquished their foes.

After burying the Wolf-Boy the party made their way to Leiptstadt and found the town all abuzz with the capture of the Beast of Leiptstadt.

They first delivered the book to Judge Embreth Daramid and collected the 100pp from the Professor’s will. But the Judge had another request for the party and asked them to help the defense in the trial of the Beast of Leiptstadt to ensure that the monster has a fair trial, offering them an additional 100pp each for their help.

They wasted no time going to the courthouse and visiting the Beast’s stuttering attorney, Gustav Kaple. After 30 minutes of stuttering they discovered that the beast was caught stealling an item, the Seasage Effigy, from the University, but the effigy has yet to be found.

The beast is being charged with 3 separate crimes: The murder of 10 Citizens in Morast 12 months ago, the slaying of 6 kids in the city of Hergstag 7 months ago, and the arson attacks at the Sanctuary on Karb Isle, which resulted in the death Doctor Brada and his patients as well as blinding his assistant.

Visting the Beast in his cell the party quickly realized that beast was like a small child and kept swearing that he didn’t do it. He knew nothing about Morast or the arson at Sanctuary but he did know about the slaying of the children in Hergstag but swore he didn’t do it. It was the cloaked man with many eyes who he couldn’t touch.

The party then delivered the last of the books to Dr. Montagnie Crowl and explored the crime scene at the Museum. They discovered that the beast did break in but that one window was cleaned and opened from the outside and not broken like the rest of the Beast’s rampage.

FizzleBiz also used the Brass Planchette to ask the spirits who performed the Morast murders and the answer was “Skin”.

The party then wasted no time in traveling to Morast and eventually bribed the locals to find out that 10 people disappeared before they were able to track the beast down and attack him, the beast swearing worse then a sailor in a whore house. They followed him to their graveyard where he was attacked by a Crocodile and disappeared. They then discovered 6 graves that had their occupants stolen.

They then paid for a ride to the graveyard where they were left as they insulted the boatsmen. As they begun to explore the island of the graveyard they were quickly attacked by a Manticore and it’s Lizardmen allies.

The battle was tough but they eventually defeated them and found some treasure in the Manticore’s nest.

After defeating the creatures they were finally able to explore the island and were able to find out some facts.

#1: Six Bodies were Stolen from the graveyard
#2: The beast had no scars that would come from the attack of the Crocodile
#3: They found the skin of the face and were able to determine that it belonged to a poacher in the area who disappeared roughly around one year ago

They also found the remains of an Alchemist’s darkvision extract and a very nice set of silver Surgeon’s tools with a small symbol of a raven in the handle.

Having felt that they have discovered everything of use in Morstag they then set out for the village of Hergstag.

Adventure #4

So we start this adventure with Fingers finally managing to crack open the safe you found in the Wardens office. There you found several potions along with a large bag of gold pieces and a number of old legal documents.

Shortly after a rest the party then traveled back to town where they met up wit the rest of the party that had been in town drinking and wenching and gathered additional supplies to take back into the Prison.

Deciding to finish exploring the party took on some ghostly brands that flew up in the air, branding several party members before they were destroyed by positive energy and a Haunt siphon.

The party then went into the holding area where they battled a pair of animated manacles that quickly attacked and then were joined by 2 Ectoplasmic Humans that nearly killed Fingers. But luckily the party was able to destroy them before they finished the job.

In the final unexplored room in the first floor you ran into the ghost of Vesorianna Hawkran who thought you were the replacement guards. She explained to you how the spirit of her husband was keeping the spirits at bay but the robed cultist “who only speak in whispers” performed a foul ritual to steal his spirit thus the evil spirits began to escape the prison. She also explained how Professor Lorrimor interrupted the ritual and one of the cultist quickly slayed him with a spell and then crushed his head to make it look like an accident.

Vesorianna asked the party to take out the 5 strongest spirits, 2 of which you had already done, Father Charlatan and the Piper of Ill Marsh. But the 3 strongest spirits remain, The Mosswater Maruader, the Looper and the Splatter Man. If the party can do this and return to her some sign of the authority of the Warden then she can banish the spirits for good.
After agreeing to help and steeling their resolve the Party then descended the pit and went into the dungeon. Here they were quickly attacked by a Carrion Golem and an animated Headsman Scythe. But they easily dispatched these evils.

Descending further into the dungeon they arrived at the center area where they destroyed a mob of Skeletons.

Here they had 3 routes they could go. To the north was an area called “The Oubliette” to the south was “The Nevermore” and to the west was “Reaper’s Hold”.

Deciding to start at The Nevermore they quickly discovered that the way here was blocked so they went west, to the Reapers Hold.

In the Reapers Hold they found a multitude of empty cells and in the what appeared to be an office they found 3 shattered skulls that seemed to have been pieced together but each was missing a piece and in the corner was the corpse of a dwarf.

The Skulls quickly flew up and attacked the party and the spirit of the dwarf raised from his corpse and the Mosswater Marauder attacked the party. After struggling with the spirit for several rounds the party was finally able to dispatch this spirit and in a secret alcove in the office they found several suits of armor and weapons.

Continuing to explore this area they ended up in the torture chamber where Edmound narrowly missed getting caught in a Haunted Iron Maiden and they easily destroyed some anaimated hands.
Here they found the tortured corpse of the Warden along with his Badge which they quickly realized they needed to give to Vesorianna to banish these spirits.

They also found a secret narrow pathway where they were quickly attacked by a Gray ooze which proved to very difficult to destroy due to the narrow path. But once that was done they continued on and ended up in the Nevermore.

Here they were attacked by an insidious haunt that spelled out their names in blood on the walls, stealing their will. After loosing enough , Edmond ignored the unsafe structure and attacked the walls, restoring his will but bringing the roof down on the party.

It was at this point that the Splatter Man attacked, summoning Dire Rats and attacking with magic missiles he quickly realized he was outgunned as Malik continued to strike him back at a distance. So he used his corrupting touch on Malik, almost laying him low but Forsythe was ready and destroyed him before he could escape.

During the battle Fingers realizing he couldn’t reach the Splatter man so he dove into the pool in the center, finding some treasure but then he realized he didn’t know how to swim and only the swift actions of Ion saved him from drowning.

Now only 1 Spirit remains, the Looper, and the party sets out to destroy this last evil spirit and save Ravensgro.

Adventure #3

As our party rested after clearing the 2nd floor of the Harrowstone Prison they decided a quick run into town for some additional supplies was definitely in order.

Unfortunately shortly after they left the prison they ran into the risen corpse of non-other then Professor Lorrimor who was traveling with the several incorporeal dead. After quite the struggle they managed to defeat the undead and burn the body of their friend, putting him to rest permanently.

Before burning the body they did discover several runes that were carved into his body that were very similar to the runes carved into the foundation of Harrowstone.

However this did delay their return to town until the sun had already set. Upon arriving at the entrance to the town they discovered that 3 thugs were waiting for them, in particular they were waiting for Edmund.

They quickly discovered that these thugs were here to take Edmund back to Varisian where his “lady-love” was waiting for him. A struggle quickly ensued and they defeated the thugs just as the Sheriff arrived. The party was allowed to loot the bodies of the thugs and they also discovered a “Wanted” poster for Edmund offering a reward of 500GP (poster is up in the maps section).

The party went to the temple of Phrasmae for healing and to get some additional supplies. There Father Grimburrow healed their wounds and explained that the runes they have been discovering were clearly Necromantic in nature.

While at the temple the party traded in the Ring of Sustenance to recharge their wand of cure light wounds and purchase more supplies to help in their adventure.

After a quick rest at the Lorrimor house, where Ion managed to tell Kendra about her Zombie father and drove her to tears, the party headed back to Harrowstone. Upon leaving they were joined by a short, portly and balding priest, Lawerence, who was sent by the Father to assist them for a while.

Upon arriving in Harrowstone the party quickly ascended to the second level, after struggling to get Lawerence up there, and then descended down to the first level.

The party then quickly begun exploring and defeated a Poltergeist in the Infirmary before encountering the first haunted spirit, Old EmberMaw, who took over the giant iron fireplace and attacked the party with a flaming tongue. The party took a few hits before taking the spirit down with haunt siphons and a water elemental summoned by Ion. The put the spirit to rest by tossing the fireplace into the lake, quenching it forever.

They then traveled south into the kitchen where they fought several burning skulls and discovered a pit that went down to the depths of the dungeon. They were tempted to go down but decided they best clear the first level first.

The party then fought quite a few spiders in the Chapel where Ion was mysteriously brought down. While the party fought off the spiders, Ion struggled with the spirit of Father Charlatan for his very life. Both were victorious.

After healing up they then discovered the front entrance to Harrowstone then after going down a long hallway the managed to beat their way through an iron door finding a room filled with items and treasure, some of which seemed magical.

The party then decided to lok at the other half of the first floor and checked out the offices for the guards, finding a safe in the wardens office that they were unable to open.

Then they located the stairs that lead down to the dungeon that were blocked off, as well as several store rooms and a couple privy’s.

The last part of the evening was spent in the Laundry room where an animated straight jacket attacked the mighty wolf Rex and the party almost killed the wolf while defeating the straight jacket. At this point they decided it was best to rest before checking out the rest of the prison.

Adventure #2

We begin with the part making the trek back into Ravengro after defeating Antrellius the Mad along with the Embryonic Neb-Thalggu. After facing such a horror, Professor Forsyth, Malik and BizzleFizz had to take a break with a strong drink.

But Ion, Fingers and Edmund, being made of sterner stuff, continued on.

After perusing the notes left behind at the Antrellius’s shack they determined that murmuring fountain was suffering from a Haunt of Vengeance. Which stems from the raven Eronel being killed and left there.

The only way to stop this haunt was to bury the bird in consecrated ground and then throwing a handful of the grave’s dirt into the fountain. So they went to the Restlands with the child Lereia to bury the raven.

All 3 of our adventurers attempted to comfort the grieving child but having absolutely no social skills they managed to simply make it worse.

So they left the child to grieve and went to the fountain where upon throwing the dirt in the fountain they did remove the haunt but not before they were attacked by 4 Gargoyles conjured out of the shadows. After taking several grievous wounds they managed to defeat the creatures and set off to the Temple of Pharasma for some healing.

There Father Grimburrow quickly healed them and asked them to come to a town meeting the next night where they will discuss the horrors that have befallen the town. Between the bloody letters appearing at the monument to the fallen guards of Harrowstone, the attacks of the undead and the various haunts that keep appearing around the town, it is clear that something is happening and the town is considering hiring the party to do something about it.

After they agreed to go to the meeting the Father had one other request and that is to to travel a few hours south of town and escort an elderly Varissian alchemist, Emillian Hanzi, to the meeting. The father explained the alchemist is a scholar of great reknown and he hopes that he can help with the problems.

So after a good night sleep the party traveled to the home of Emillian but upon arrival noticed smoke coming out of the home and that the front door appeared to be bashed in. They also noticed a very familiar gold button in the hand of the deceased, a button that appears to have been torn off of the coat of the recently deceased, and now risen Professor Lorrimor.

They entered the home and noticed that a struggle and the dead body of the alchemist, who had appeared to be beaten to death. While examining the body they didn’t notice the various chemicals in the lab coming to life and were set upon by several Alchemical ooze swarms. Once these were defeated they then took everything of value in the home and set upon taking the body of Emillian back to Ravengro while following the tracks of the undead fiends that had caused such damage.

Unfortunately they did not find the Professor but several severed floating heads along with a swarm of skulls that they had to defeat.

The party dropped off the body of Emilian with the priests at the Temple of Pharasmae and then went to the town meeting.

The town meeting quickly dissolved into anarchy as the scared towns folk demanded answers and a solution. Right as the fervor reached it’s peak some dark force caused several of the oil lamps to burst lighting the building on fire. As our party put the fires out and directed the townsfolk out of the building they were attacked by 3 severed burning heads that they also defeated.

In the face of such terror the Town Council offered the party 500gp each if they can find out what is causing all of this and put it to rest.

With this new mission our party then set off to the ruined prison of Harrowstone as that is the most likely culprit of what is happening in town.

The party explored the area outside of the ruined prison first where they fought off a swarm of nasty rats and several skeletons that emerged from the lake that used to be the prisons graveyard.

Upon examining the building they noticed that all around the foundation a series of runes were chiseled into the foundation and then covered with blood. They made several copies of the runes in hopes to research this later.

The building itself is 3 levels, 2 floors above ground and then the dungeon below. The party decided to climb up to one of the balcony’s and work there way down. Fingers easily ascended the wall but before he could drop the rope to the rest of the party he was set upon by a giant, advanced Stirge. He quickly dropped the rope and then held off the creature while Edmund climbed up and Ion taught his wolf to hold onto the rope so they could pull him up.

Once the foul creature was defeated they then set upon exploring the top level of Harrowstone. They found the mess hall where they had to defeat several stirges, an evil plant, Xtaby, that wanted to devour them and uncovered the Kitchen and 2 cell blocks.

But unfortunately the western cell block almost proved to be Edmund’s undoing as they were attacked by 6 skeletons and the haunted spirit of who they believe was The Piper of Illmarsh. The piper quickly paralyzed Edmund who was attacked by skeletons and almost laid low but Ion and Fingers came to his rescue and beat back the undead creatures and laid low the restless spirit.

They then finished exploring the top level and found a spacious cell with the a skeletal body chained to the wall by chains weighted down with several different holy symbols. At this point they decided they better rest up and gather the rest of the party before going down to the first level and perhaps the dungeon.

Who knows what horrors await for them in the lower levels of Harrowstone…..

We will find out next Saturday!

August 3rd

The adventure begins with the group meeting each other for the first time at the enterance to the Restlands, the Ravengro Cemetery.

There we meet our intrepid Adventurers. Ion, the dirty and socially awkward Druid; Profersor Forsysthe, a rather large and educated man; Bizzle Fiz, an Elven mage: Malik, a very tiny dwarven archer; Fingers, a an Elvish roge; and Edmond, a dandy and a fighter.

The party carries the casket of their old friend, Profersor Lorrimor, to his final resting place along with sevral townsfolk, including the Profersor’s daugher Kendra. This trip was interupted however when a group of locals try to stop them from burying the Profersor as “they don’t want any necromancers buried there”.

These townsfolk quickly learned their lesson though as the party quite handily proved their superiority. With their defeat, Profersor Lorrimor was finally buried and though all of the party tried to eulogize their old friend only Profersor Forsythe truly touched the hearts of the townsfolk and Kendra.

You then returned to the Profersor’s old home to attend the reading of the will. There you learned that the Profersor wants you to stay for a month and help out Kendra then deliver several books to the Leiptstadt. In return you will each be paid the sum of 100 PP.

After reading the Profersors Journal the party quickly realized that there was more happening in Ravengro then just a simple death. You resolved to come to the bottom of this but first a trip out to Restlands to recover some items that were stashed there that could assist you.

Before making this trip you were interrupted by the ghost of a raven who quickly flew away while shouting “Murder”. During this you noticed that the local crazy man, Antrellius, was outside of Kendra’s home and despite Fingers best effors he managed to elude escape.

After promising to track him down to see what this was all about the party made their way to the Restlands where they came into contact with a group of skeletons that were quickly defeated. They then entered the tomb and fought off 2 Giant Centipedes along with 4 gruesome, floating heads so that they could take the treasures hidden in this tomb to help defeat this evil.

In the morning, they heard about the ghost of a child that was seen at the nearby fountain along with a giant bloody V that appeared at the monument to the guards who died at the Harrowstone prison fire.

While looking int these events the uncovered several secrets (See the Wiki entry) that made it appear that all of these events centered around the Harrowstone prison. They also fended off a Stirge attack at the local Inn, the stirges seemed to have been drawn by the Bard’s music.

Later that evening the group staked out the Murmuring fountain in hopes of catching this Ghost child, who in fact was just a local child that was mourning the death of her pet Raven. The child swore that her Raven was killed by Antrellius and asked the party to avenger her pet.

As they attempted to leave several large Blood Ravens seemed to appear out of the fountain and attacked the party, their bodies disappearing once they were all defeated.

The party eventually tracked down the Treehouse home of Antrellius where they fought their way through several traps and 2 Giant Centipedes to take down the man himself. However once he died his body convulsed and a disturbing creature born of the darkness between the stars but this creature was quicly defeated by the might of our party.

This creature disolved into nothing leaving behind just a spine-like piece of bone that for some reason several party members though would make a great weapon.

The party is now leaving the Tree home and who knows what is going to await them in Ravengro.

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