September 7th Treasure List


From the Zombie Profersor Lorrimor
4 gold buttons each worth 10gp

From the Bandits looking to capture Edmund
42gp, 137sp, 3 Short Swords, 3 Daggers, 2 suits of Studded Leather, 1 suite of Masterwork Studded Leather.

From Chapel in Harrowstone
5 vials of Holy water
Wand of Cure Light Wounds with 15 Charges

From the Infirmary
2 Fully stocked Healer’s kits
3 vials of Antitoxin
2 vials of Antiplague
3 doses of Bloodblock
3 doses of Smelling Salts
2 vials of Sooth Syrup
4 potions of Cure Light Wounds

From the Property Room
Masterwork Thieves Tools
Bronze Medallion from the Shinning Crusade, worth 40gp
Unframed Taldan Painting of Stavian I worth 100gp
set of Nobelwoman Silver Hair Clips worth 35gp
Masterwork Punching Dagger
Dozen Masterwork Shuriken
Masterwork Silver War Razor
Wand of Lesser Restoration with 12 Charges

From Hidden Vault
Magical Bloodstained Hand Axe
Collection of Silver Holy Symbols
Moldy Spellbook
Masterwork Smiths Hammer
Tarnished Masterwork Silver Flute


September 7th Treasure List

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