Oct and Nov 9th Treasure List


Game #5 Treasure
broken masterwork heavy crossbow
masterwork long sword
+1 heavy mace
stone of alarm
Rod of Lesser Ectoplasmic Magic
+1 Humanoid Shapechanger Bane Dagger
potion of Fox’s cunning
magifying glass with gold handle worth 100gp
small wooden box with a set of brass weights,
walnut traveling case with a pair of superior locks and keys
jar of pickled garlic cloves

Game #6 Treasure
1,000 GP
Bag of Holding type I
+1 Dagger
+1 Mithril Chainmail
small pouch with 15gp
ruby ring worth 60gp
Heart shaped silver locket with sapphires worth 150gp
small sliver snuff box with high quality najembo snuff powder worth 40gp
+1 Battle Axe
Belt of Giant Strength +2


Oct and Nov 9th Treasure List

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