March 22nd Treasure List


From Judge Embereth Darmid
1,000 gp each

On the Kobolds:
+1 human bane battleaxe
Crown of the Kobold King
Over-sized red and gold satin cloak with a crude painting of a gold dragon on the back
2 gold lip rings (10 gp each)
4 gold earrings (10 gp each)
Heartripper Blade
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2
An emerald cloak clasp (worth 100 gp)
Scroll of Tree Shape
Wand of Summon Swarm (12 charges)
+2 leather armor
Masterwork quarterstaff
8 MW Shortswords
8 MW Studded Leather
8 potions of Cure Light Wounds
Scattered coins worth 28gp, 32sp
Also on the corpse of another body there they found a bloodstained invitation to the lodge

Dragon’s Hoard:
Total coins worth 1873gp, 3477sp
A large number of low quality gems worth 377gp total
Potion of Displacement
Potion of Magic Fang Greater
Potion of Magic Vestment
Arcane Scroll with Hideous Laughter, Protection from Energy, Sleet Storm and Wall of Fire.

Rotting corpse of a dark elf wearing a:
+1 Admantine Breastplate
Swift Obsidian Greataxe
Boots of Elvenkind
Cloak of Elvenkind
Ring of Swimming

From Werewolf Trap:
MW Silver Hunting Knife
3 doses of Wolfsbane

From Werewolves:
3 MW Greatswords


March 22nd Treasure List

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