February 8th Treasure List


Portrait of Count Alpon Caromac worth 500gp

Collection of books on Engineering, grant +2 to Engineering rolls, worth 500gp

Fine Tobacco worth 200gp, a calaash set with 6 small jets worth 75gp, long churchwarden with a gold tooth guard wroth 50gp

Collection of stuffed and mounted animal heads worth maybe 300gp

Brass and gold score checker worth 90gp

2 MW Halberds

A sealskin cloak worth 120gp and a grey colored Bag of Tricks

Total wine collection is worth 1200gp

Spice cabinet of Ian design and crammed with an outstanding collection of spices, worth 300gp

Technical Engineering manuals worth 100gp, a magnificent jade and gold wiring set, with several jars of valuable inks worth 150gp, small portable ink jar with a silver clasp worth 20gp

Wardrobe filled with fine men’s clothing worth 100gp. Jewelery Box with a silver chain worth 50gp, gold snuffbox with a topaz worth 500gp, platinum handled magnifying glass in leather case worth 600gp, monocle with a silver chain ending in a diamond pin worth 800gp

Secret Cupboard has coins totaling 4,000 gp and figurine of wondrous power, ivory goats

Rod of flame extinguishing

2 1 Glaives, +1 Longsword, +1 Flaming Composite (5 Str) Longbow


February 8th Treasure List

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