Carrion Crown Campaign

What has been going on

Well, I’ve been bad about updating the Adventure log as this new job has just been keeping me too damn busy but here is a rough overview of where we are at.

Character Deaths:
Edmond — Smited during the fight Aureen Vrood
Vinnie — Learned why you don’t taunt a Werewolf

*Followed Estovian Lozarov to the Stairs of the Moon after he revealed his true colors and that he has been helping the Whispering Way all along.

There you slayed not only him but a multitude of Werewolves and also communed with Desna where she showed you a glimps of the future: tentacles, vampires and undead dragons.

*Made a deal with a group of Werewolves (The Princes Wolves) who appear to be the only decent Werewolves. You got him the heart and he’ll protect the humans in the forest. He also gave you directions to go to Feldgaru which is where the Whispering Way is at.

*At Feldgaru you managed to finally trackdown Aureen Vrood and slay him. You also took on some Fiendish Werewolves and other undead creatures. You did clear the town but not before loosing Edmond and Vinnie.

Now you know a few more items:

1. Aureen Vrood has a master
2. He sent off a vial with swirling grey mist, part of a bloody heart in a glass bottle, a skull made of the fragments of 100’s of other skulls and the Seasage Effigy that was stolen from Leiptstadt off to Thrushmoor.



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