Carrion Crown Campaign

Quick Recap of Jan 24th Game

The party leaves IllMarsh upon raising BizzleFizz from the dead and race to Caliphas to catch up with the 2nd Dark Rider of the Whispering Way. Along the way though they were almost defeated by a group of angry dinosaurs.

Upon arriving at the large city of Caliphas the party, realizing they need some help, set about finding the local chapter of The Palatine Eye. After making contact they were told that there was to be a meeting/gathering in about 3 days so the group had some time to kill. Which they spent going on a shopping spree.

After a day of shopping and feasting the party found themselves upon a deserted street in the middle of the night where a headless horsemen demanded that they give up the Raven’s Head Mace.

They refused and were set upon by the undead knight, several flying undead archers, some dark wight lords and an undead swarm, a devouring mist. Though close they managed to defeat the dark creatures and found a strange, magical medallion which they must further look into.



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