Carrion Crown Campaign

July 23rd Quick Recap

The part left the Shudderwood to make their way to Thrusmoor and follow the clues left behind by the Cult of the Whispering Way.

On the way you passed by a few large towns where you spent massive amounts of gold.

You also ran into a group of Daemons that destroyed a town to create a rather unique and advanced Bodak. Though the battle was tough you ended up killing off the evil creatures.

After that you made yourway into Thrushmoor where you found out that the dark riders had switched horses there.

Going into the stable the party was ambushed by a group of Vampires. The battle was tough and cost the life of Garak but you ended up killing the vampires and discovering that one of the riders headed to a small town 2 days away names Illmarsh. The whereabouts of the 2nd rider remain unknown.



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