Carrion Crown Campaign

Adventure Log #14

We begin with the party returning to Ascanor Lodge in the hopes of finally figuring out what is going on in the Shudderwoods.

Upon arriving the part was meet by Estovian who apologizes for the trouble the party had when they first arrived and offered to help them, and the Palatine Order, however he can.

Leaving them in the library the party began to research in the library and began to find the first of several clues that pointed them to Estovian’s tower and his personal library.

The party also went and interviewed several of the workers there at the lodge. Delgros didn’t much information but did show of his stable of creatures that rich people can pay to hunt.

After this the party went to talk to Madame Invanga, the local madame, where Fingers rented a lady of the evening to “Pump” for information. What he got was an 80 year old experienced woman named Maude.

Fingers worked his magic and found out from Maude that several strangers, one of which matching Aureen Vrood’s description, was at the lodge 2 weeks and visited another of ladies there, Niama. Upon finding this out Fingers arranged a meeting with her, and Maude of course, where he after casting Charm Monster (and only affecting Maude) he eventually was able to bribe her into talking.

Here the party found out that 3 nobles from Courtaud hired her for an evening, one of which had an evil looking imp-like pet. But all they wanted her to do was dance for them and after an hour a new guest arrived, a silver haired woodsman, with a full beard who smelled like a beast. They requested that she leave but she heard them say something about “The Stairs of the Moon” and “The packlords heart”.

With this new information the party then went down for dinner where Edmond was confronted by Ilia and her new beau. During Dinner Garak talked to a Cilas Graydon who informed them of his missing friend, Echtmoor Dravin, who the party found in the lair of the dragon. Upon hearing this news Cilas left dinner, promising to reward the group for there news and for defeating his friends killer.

After eating and mingling, suddenly the door burst open and in squeezed in a Giant Tarantula (one of Delgros creatures that had escaped) they managed to slay the beast but not before it klled a few people and poisoning Fingers and Edmond.

Following the creatures path of destruction (and a trail of blood) they realized that the beast was let loose and purposefully led to the lodge. Estovian claimed that the beast was let loose by one of the stable hands, Paucy, who had a crush on the Markiza Welgory. The party however easily saw through this ploy.

Knowing that they had to explore Estovian’s tower the party hid out in the woods and snuck into his tower. There they found all about Estovian’s secret deal with the Whispering Way to control some spirit that he found at The Stairs of the Moon along with the fact that he helped the Whispering Way kill the Pack Leader, Kvalca Sain, and stole her heart for some dark purpose.

Armed with this knowledge the party went down to dinner to “talk” to Estovian who quickly saw what the party was up to. He distracted them by pretending to be willing to talk and instead summoned a Vilkacis, the spirit of a violent werewolf, which quickly took over the body of Illsa’s new man who quickly attacked and almost killed her.

Realizing that he was merely possessed by the Werewolf spirit the party knocked him out but then the worst came to happen and the Spirit possessed Edmond who continued the attack on the party. With some quick thinking by Vinnie and the others, they managed to knock out Edmond and keep the spirit from possessing anyone else while they destroyed him.

After hopefully “Curing” those few people that may have been affected by Lycanthropy the party realized that Estovian had escaped.

So now the party gets ready to follow Estovian and see what the Whispering Way is up to.



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