Carrion Crown Campaign

Adventure Log #9

So we come back with the party, some dripping with acid, standing over the unconscious body of Vorkstag. He is quickly tied up and the rest of the compound, finding some rather nice loot along with a hidden cabinet filled with the flayed skins of quite a few people, including one that could easily be mistaken for the Beast!

After defeating some Alchemical Juju Zombies and finding Vorkstag’s body selling operation the party then woke up the Alchemists and after a few successful diplomacy checks (and intimidation) the party got him talking

The discovered all about his business selling bodies. On the crimes that the Beast was accused of, he admitted to stealing the bodies and killing the villagers of Morag, stealing the bodiees of the children in Hergstag after they were killed by the wraiths, and selling bodies to the Doctor at Sanctuary, as well as burning the hospital down, killing all there. They also found out that the Doctor was not even human but a Fey creature known as a Skin Stealer.

Armed with this knowledge the Party went to Court on the first day to defend the Beast. After presenting all of the facts about what happened in Morag, it was clear that the local populace was not too happy with how things were going. But they did impress a local Gnomish Cleric of Sarane who offered to jump in and help them with the rest of the trial.

This was shown by a group of Guards confronting them on the way to explore the island of Sanctuary, or perhaps they simply wanted loot as they first asked for 1/2 of what the party had. But after remembering that Edmond had a price on his head, know up to 1,000 gp, they quickly decided to take him by first along with all of the loot.

After a battle with a deadly Half-orc Ranger, Cleric (who was quickly slain), and a rather nasty Sorcerer, the party left the few survivors alive with a message, don’t mess with us.

Arriving at Sanctuary they discovered the scorced ruins of the one-time hospital. After finding a small tunnel the party sent Malik down to investigate and he was quickly paralyzed by the Ghasts waiting down below. As the creatures surrounded him, the party wasted no time jumping down into the pit and striking several of the monsters while they did this.

A battle quickly ensued with the Ghasts, their Dread master and his assistant, a rather nasty Crypt Thing. The battle was vicious and after a few rounds the Crypt Thing attempted to teleport the entire party but managed to only teleport the newly un-paralyzed Malik and the party’s Gnomish friend out of the old cellar and away from the fight.

While they ran back to join into the fray, the rest of the party struck down the remaining Ghasts and turned their attention to their master and the Crypt thing.

Malik quickly made his way back and joined the fight but the party was quickly getting whittled down by the undead monsters, with thier gnomish friend only arriving just in time to heal them up.

After finally defeating the creatures, they set about to explore the cellar and the creatures that they were fighting.

They discovered that the Dread Ghast was none other then the former Doctor of this hospital, Dr. Brada. They also discovered several vials of chemicals, further linking the good Doctor to the vile Vorkstag.

Armed with this knowledge, the party returned to Lieptstadt ready to defend the Beast and save him from h is fate.

Just before the second day of the trial began the party got the permission of the court to cast Speak with Dead on the bodies of the children to find out what happened, with the judges and prosecution present. The spirit of the children did advise that the Beast did not kill them and that it was an evil Wraith.

The party also questioned the Beast again and was able to see that the Beast was not laughing when he returned the body of the fallen child to Hergstag, he was crying.

The second day of the trail began and the party easily showed that there was no way that the Beast could have killed those Children and in fact was very upset over their deaths.

Upon the end of the Trial the party realized that it was very likely that the people of Leiptstadt were going to try and take this matter of the Beast into their own hands.

The party decided to stay and it was a good thing that they did as a large number of locals showed up around midnight to take the Beast and burn him. Through a series of threats, magic and a bit of fistacuffs the party was able to drive the townsfolk off without any deaths.

On the 3rd day of the trial, the party wasted no time presenting their evidence that the Beast was not responsible with the fire and deaths of Sanctuary but that it was Vorkstag. They even brought him up to the witness stand where he admitted to all of the evil deeds.

After the court was adjourned the Judges quickly came to the conclusion that the Beast was innocent. They proclaimed as much and even added that they will make Vorkstag pay for his evil crimes.

The Beast was quickly released and, fearing the angry locals, they quickly ushered him out of town but not before the Beast asked the group to visit him at his father’s house, Schloss Caromac (the home of Count Alpon Caromac) the former local ruler and known alchemist.



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