Carrion Crown Campaign

Adventure Log #13

As the party got ready for the trip into the Shudderwood, hot on the trail of Aureen Vrood, they received a request to go and meet up with Judge Embereth Darmid who wants to know how the trip to Schloss Caromac went.

Upon hearing everything she became quite concerned and revealed to the party that she is a member of The Order of the Palatine Eye, an ancient mystical order that works for good. She had heard of Cult of the Whispering Way and their ties to the Whispering Tyrant and is concerned about what they might be up to.

She offered an additional 1,000gp to track down Aureen Vrood and see what he is up to and also suggested that if succesful they might just be able to join her order.

With this knowledge the party left Leiptstadt, armed with newly purchased items, along with some crafted by BizzleFizz who didn’t sleep at all it seemed to craft these items, along with thier new friend the Cleric Vinnie, and made their way to Shudderwood.

On the outskirts of the forest they ran across the scenes of a battle, with an overturned cart and the dead bodies of several mercenaries. As they searched it became apparent that this group was attacked by Kobolds and that a female was taken by the Kobolds. As they searched the scene Edmond quickly became concerned as he was recognizing the clothes and perfume as the same that his fiance, Ilysa had.

Tracking the Kobolds proved to be an easy task for Malik who guided the group to the edge of a lake. Where a group of Kobolds, who were out on a small land bridge in the lake, appeared to be getting ready to sacrafice Ilysa.

Edmond rushed through all of the enemies to free his lady, while the rest of the group began to attack the kobolds. Malik began to shoot down the Kobolds while Garek dispelled the spells that the Kobold Druid was casting and the rest of the party fought off the Koblds that appeared in their midst.

Edmond fought off both the Scorpion pet of the Druid along with the Kobold’s leader who was armed with a deadly axe. The kobolds began to fall but then the tides changed when a Green Dragon joined into the fray.

Edmond nearly fell but was able to find some inner strength to fight on and the party finally managed to kill the last of the kobolds and the dragons.

Ilysa was clearly distraught but as they made campe she woke up and the party found out the reason that Edmond was so excited to be adventuring, for she is a complete bitch and wouldn’t shut up.

She made the ulimatium that either Edmond left with her then and there or she was through with him, Edmond was unwilling to do so as he knew the gravity of the situation and tried to explain it, but she refused to even listen, even with Garek trying to cast Charm Monster on her.

With this answer the party then slept and upon waking decided to search for the Dragon’s lair and treasure, and to get away from the non-stop bitching of Ilysa. Leaving Garek behind they found this treasure and Garek tried two more times to cast Charm Monster to get Ilysa to shut up, but she proved too willful and it was clear only the powers of a god could stop her.

The party continued into the Shudderwood and found the body of a slain werewolf, where they triggered a trap that nearly dropped Garek. Clearly this trap was left to slay any other Lycanthropes that came along.

After healing up the party continued onto Ascanor Lodge but were denied access at first. But eventually diplomacy won and the party gained entry. But then they were met by a young nobleman, Duristan Silvio Aresir, who talked the party into joining them into a werewolf hunt by offering to pay for their stay.

They went into the woods to track down the slain carcass of a stag who Duristain claimed was killed by werewolfs, but instead found that the carcass was being feasted on by 4 Fiendish Advanced Dire Boars. The party defeated the creatures and were able to determine that the stag had wounds from both the Boars and something that appeared to be Dire Wolfs.

Duristain convinced the group to stay overnight to try and get the Werewolves. After feasting and telling stories they realized that Duristain’s help had not yet returned and after a quick search found a large Werewolf had slain them.

The Lycanthrope advised the party to stay out of Werewolf affiars and to let whomever sent them know that his dealings with Mathus Mordinact and the Silverhide pack do not sit well with the rest of the tribes and the SIlverhide will never sit on the Highthrone.

The party and the Werewolves fought but the party was able to drive them off but one of them was left behind, still breathing. Upon questioning him they realized that the former High Packlord, Kvalca Sain had recently been slain and that all of the tribes had been fighting to see who would be the next High Packlord. It appears that Mathus Mordinact had conspired with someone at Ascanor Lodge to kill Kvalca in the hopes to that Mathus would become the next High Packlord.

The party made a deal, if they brought the Volenssag wolves the head of Malthus, they would be allowed free travel in the Shudderwood, and surely they can trust a Werewolf, right….



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