Carrion Crown Campaign

Adventure Log #12

After a good nights rest, the party decided to go back into this foul castle that had caused the death of two of their companions. But before they could go in they ran into a rather, scrawny, half-orc dragging a falchion. He introduced himself as Garak Darkwood, a scholar of magic both divine and arcane, who came to Schloss Caromac on the trail of Auren Vrood, a foul necromancer who belongs to the Whispering Way.

Together the party moved into the castle where Garak saw the path of devastation as the party has battled their way in. They quickly arrived at Count Alpon Caromac’s museum where they quickly found a room with 2 sarcophagus, several shelves filled with knick knacks including 4 jars with Medusa Heads and a pile of chains in the middle of the room.

As they began to explore the room Fingers was struck by some kind of force that knocked the lid off of one of the sarcophagus and threw him into the cabinets that had the medusa heads. The Heads, freed of the jars, quickly flew up and proved to be Screeching Medusa Heads, a type of undead but even more frightening was the sight of the armored mummy coming out of the sarcophagus.

As the group began to battle the flying heads and the mummy, the other sarcohpagus proved to be a Mimic hiding and quickly attacked Edmond as he neared the creature.

Fighting off the frightening affect of the mummy and the stoning ability of the Medusa heads, the party started taking down the creatures but it was at this point that Garak spotted an even more frightening sight coming at the party, an eyeless Flesh Golem led by several homunculi. Thinking quickly Garak closed and barred the door giving the party enough time to finish off the creatures in the room.

The Golem then bashed in the door laying Garak low but was taken down by the combined might of Edmond, Fingers and Malik.

As their foes fell Fingers realized that things were even worse then he thought as he was afflicted by the Mummy’s curse.

After some discussion he used the Ivory Goat of travel to quickly go back to Leiptstadt to get his affliction cured. As he returned to the group he spotted some dark clouds gathering around one of the towers. Finger’s told the party about this and BizzleFizz and Garak were able to gather that the ritual to summon the Pit Fiend was begining.

Rushing to the tower the party quickly scaled the path to the tower and went through the Count’s dangerous creature holding area, bypassing several dangers, as they made their way to the large tower that the Whispering Way was clearly using as the focus point for their ritual.

After buffing themselves the party opened the door, prepared for combat. They saw the Beast chained and connected to several cables that were channeling electricity into his body. Flanking him were 2 more of the Count’s creation that the Whispering Way had gained control of, a Flesh Golem built from the body of a Girallon and another built fro the body of a Chuul.

Realizing that they would need the Beast’s help to batle these creatures, the group quickly worked to remove the chains. As the two flesh golems moved to attack, luckily they were able to get them removed and the Beast proved to be quite the formidible ally as they attacked the Golems.

While the rest of the party attacked the Golems, Malik moved up the stairs to see who was performing the ritual. He discovered a rather skilled Sorcerer and a Priestess of Urgathoa along 4 large Lightning Elementals. With luck, Malik was able to quickly dispatch the Sorcerer before he could attack and the Elementals and Priestess moved to attack him.

Malik took on the Cleric and two the elementals while BizzleFizz brought back up Garak after one of the Golem’s laid him low. The rest of the party, along with the Beast, fought and laid low the 2 golems along with the other 2 elementals.

Though the fight proved quite difficult but the part ended up finally defeating the cultist and found out Count Alpon Caromac, who was still alive after being bound by the Whispering Way in a device similar to an Iron Maiden.

The Count informed them that the cultist, led by the Necromancer Aureen Vrood, captured him and took control of his creations to steal the Seasage Effigy (though he doesn’t know why) then head to the Shudderwood. He offered them 1,000 gp each, paid immediately, to track down Aureen and stop him.

He also informed them that once in the Shudderwood they should head for Ascanor Lodge as that is the only island of civility in these forests. This should provide them a safe haven along with a source of information while there.

After a day of rest the party headed back to Leiptstadt to gear up before heading off to Shudderwood. But on the way they were attacked by 4 Hill Giants and their 2 Dire Bear pets. Several of the party members almost fail but they ended up defeating the foul creatures.

Now the party is at Leiptstadt, to take advantage of it’s shops and get ready to follow the cult of the Whispering Way into forest of Shudderwood.



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