Carrion Crown Campaign

Adventure Log #11

We begin with everyone taking a rest after the battle with the Huge Air Elemental and in the morning they were surprised by none other then Edmund and Malik who convinced their Gnomish friend, Giblet, to come and try his hand at adventuring.

Miguel decided to stay behind and pray for the soul of the poor Professor Forsythe while the rest of the party pressed on into the Keep to see what else the cult of the Whispering Way left behind.

Upon entering the front door they were quickly set upon by an Advanced Hobbling Hook Claw Apparatus Animated Object who was joined by 2 Flesh Golemhounds. But bolstered by the healing magic of Giblet the party quickly defeated the guardians and uncovered the partially burned body of a cultist. Bizzlefizz took a look at some parchments that remained from the fire and quickly realized it was made of human skin. Fighting past his revulsion he was able to determine that it described a ritual that used a Flesh Golem that had gained Sentience to bring forth a Pit Fiend, named Baalzephon, and would make the creatures home plane that of Golarion, making him impossible to banish.

Armed with this knowledge the party quickly explored the rest of the mansion and uncovered much wealth and even a few magic items that should prove useful in the battles ahead.

After navigating a narrow bridge that lead to a building that had apparently been through an explosion, the party found themselves in the ruins of an alchemist lab. But before they could investigate they were attacked by 3 Rust Monsters, the creatures were destroyed but not before destroying Edmund’s Mithril armor.

After searching the rubble, and finding a Rod of Flame Extinguishing, the party found another narrow bridge, this time made of rope and boards and quite rickety.

Edmund used the Bag of Tricks they found to summon a mighty weasel to send across the bridge to check for traps, while Ion shifted into the form of a bird and flew across the chasm with a rope to assist in the crossing.

But halfway across the Weasel set off a trap summoning a trio of Devils. A Flying Erinyes and 2 Advanced Bearded Devils. The Erinyes quickly begin to shoot at the party while one Bearded Devil attacked Ion and the other attacked the rest of the party.

After taking several mighty blows Ion managed to hide in the building across the chasm while BizzleFizz summoned a pit to block the Entrance from the Bearded Devil.

During all of this the other Bearded Devil and the Erinyes continued to attack the party with claws, arrows and even an Unholy Blight from the Erinyes. Several of the party members were almost killed only to be revived by the healing magic of Giblet. The party managed to take out the 2 Bearded Devils as a fog cloud summoned by BizzleFizz shielded them from the ranged attacks of the Winged Devil.

As the party surrounded the Erinyes to finish her off, Ion, not knowing what was happening to his friends attempted to run across the bridge to help his friends. But lost his footing and fell down to his untimely end in the rushing waters beneath.

Once the last foul creatures were killed the party searched in vain to find Ion only to find his ruined body in the waters below. Rex gave forty a mournful howl at the death of his master and ran into the woods.

As the party prepared to bury one more of their group they wondered what else laid before them in Schloss Caromac.



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