Carrion Crown Campaign

Adventure Log #10

After leaving Edmund and Malik to wait for more supplies the party headed off to Schloss Caromac to meet The Beast’s Father.

Half way there they found a man in dark cloths waiting for them on the top of the hill surrounded by Fog. There he spoke to the party, informing them that they were becoming quite inconvenient to his master and so he purchased some bodies from the Chymist works in Leiptstadt and prepared a surprise for them. The party was also told that his master was in control of Schloss Caromac.

At that he waved his hand and the fog dissipated showing multiple Skeleton Archers, 4 Wights and a rather nasty creature with a long talons and ram horns, which was quickly identified as Greater Ceustodeamon.

The skeletons began to pepper the party with arrows while the wights and daemon went to attack the party and the cultist began to cast. Luckily the gods fathered them and they managed to shrug off most of the spells and energy drain (except Forsythe who got sapped of life energy by one of the Wights), and even a Slow spell casted by the Daemon.

Ion quickly summoned up some quicksand locking down the Skeletons and Cultist while the rest of the party made quick work of the Wights and Daemon, aided by the Spells of Bizzlefizz. They then went and finished off the Skeletons and despite multiple Spiked Pits created by the cultist, he was defeated.

The party then rested for the night and continued on to Schloss Caromac where they quickly realized that it was indeed taken over and in fact the Guardhouse for the entrance was guarded by 2 trollhounds.

While the party fought the 2 Trollhounds guarding the gate amidst the slain bodies of undead and their controllers, they began to get shot at by several Goblins and hearing even more, deep sounding grunts and laughs from inside.

Once the hounds were defeated Fingers climbed the wall and headed to the other side of the Guardhouse and Ion changed shape to a bird and joined him. During this Professor Forsythe lifted up the gate while Bizzlefizz attacked the goblins with his spells.

However, once the gate was opened and Fingers and Ion got to the other side of the Guardhouse the party quickly realized that there were indeed worse things then Goblins as they were attacked by several trolls, another trollhound and their leader, the Black Half-Dragon Troll, Grork.

Fingers quickly climbed up the wall again and headed to front to join Forsythe while Ion and Bizzlefizz began to cast their spells. But all were too late as the Grork acidic breath quickly brought Forsythe to the brink of death and then his claws finished the job.

As the party held off the remaining trolls, their fate indeed to seem quite dire when they were joined by the mighty Paladin Miguel and with their combined might they managed to defeat the creatures.

After healing up and Miguel telling his story about trying to find the Profersor, the party went and buried the scarred remains of their friend and then sat about continuing thier journey into the Castle to not let his death be in vain.

However as they went to unlock the door of the Manse they found that there were indeed worse things to come as a magical trap summoned a Huge Air elemental onto the bridge they were on.

They quickly fled into the gatehouse but not before the elemental turned into a Whirlwind and followed them in.

After attempting to capture several of the party into it’s whirling form, but only managing to get Ion, the elemental went and dropped Ion over the edge of bridge, sending him tumbling 150 feet down in the roaring waters below.

Once the Elemental was defeated the party thought they had lost their friend but Fingers managed to spot him, struggling in the water below, somehow still alive. After quickly going through their options Fingers said “Screw It” and using the rope of climbing to lessen the fall he went in to help their struggling friend.

He was able to grab Ion and swim him to the edge of the river before they both went over the waterfall, however they realized that they had no choice and both went over the waterfalls after using their healing wand to heal both of them up.

As the waterlogged Ion and Fingers rejoined their party an hour later, joined by Malik and Edmund, the party began to wonder if maybe they bit off more then they could handle.



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